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  • Affair Proof Your Relatioship
    Everyone is susceptible to an affair, and I do mean EVERYONE. I'm sure you're saying "Huh? Not me...!" Well, listen up because it can happen to any of us if Read more
  • What's your communication style?
    "We just need to learn how to communicate". That's nearly how every initial conversation begins when clients contact me for help.  Does that ring a bell with you?  Most are Read more
  • The Power of Pause
    Don’t you wish you had your own personal ‘pause’ button? What would you change if you did? It’s so easy to be reactive. You say and do things you don’t Read more
Laura Blundo, Relationship Coach
About the Author

Laura Blundo, RLT, CPC-C is a certified Relationship Coach as well as Life Coach. She's also a fellow relational traveler.   What does that mean exactly?  It means she doesn't sit in a judgmental place. It means she understands how and why we show up in the ways we do.  She will encourage you, challenge you and work your edges so that you can be the best "you" that you can be in your relationships.   

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