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Laura Blundo, ACC is a certified Relationship Coach as well as Life Coach. Laura’s couples training has occurred with the Relational Life Institute of Cambridge, MA while also obtaining her Life Coach Certification with the Relationship Coaching Institute. Laura holds her advanced certification with RLI and her Associate Coaching Certificate with ICF. RLI offers a refreshing, innovative and effective approach to couples coaching. Laura was introduced to RLI during the painful experience of her own divorce. “I was desperate not to repeat the same mistakes again so I attended a RLI Skills workshop. It was actually something my husband and I were to attend together, but we didn’t make it. It was my desire to be a bit introspective and proactive in terms of what lay behind and ahead of me. I was QUITE clear on what my ex-husbands short comings were but my own were not that clear, I needed to find out what my part in it was. The first day of the 3 day workshop I became very clear on my bad deal. What I walked away from the workshop with was more than I could have ever hoped for.” A new passion for relationships, the ability to work with my son’s father to be effective co-parents and an awakening to my edges that allows me to be present in my relationships. Laura was recently asked to assist in the Relationship Skills workshop in NYC which she eagerly accepted. “This was so important to me. I knew first hand how powerful it was on a personal level, and I was honored to be a part of helping people become empowered in their quest for relational change.”

Expanding on RLT, Laura began training with Jan Bergstrom, LMFT in Arlington, MA learning PIT (Post Induction Training) of Pia Mellody’s Co-dependence model. This work takes our family of origin into consideration and the potential negative impact it has on our relationships today. “Jan is a master and my total guru for relational living.” The program is now called “Healing our Core Issues” and looks at the 5 core issues of self-esteem, boundaries, reality, dependence and moderation and how these needs were met (or not) as children. It looks at what relational traumas we may have experienced, possibly physical, emotional and or both. We then look into the coping skills (adaptations) that were developed as children in order to survive in the family system. Ultimately, you will learn how to develop new functioning skills and integrate them into your everyday life. Much like a new workout routine or’s a practice and requires time and commitment. This work is life-changing.

Laura is also engaged in continuing education with the Relationship Coaching Institute as well as RLI. One of her areas of focus is assisting individuals seeking to find a life partner through self discovery. Laura explains, “We wouldn’t set off for a cross country trip with out a map, why would we choose a life partner with out a clear idea of what our life vision is?” Getting clear on your requirements, needs and wants allows us to make conscious choices. The Relationship Coaching Institute has termed this “Conscious Dating” (1) When you think about it, how many of us have engaged in long term relationships on the premise of, “ we have things in common, we have chemistry and we have fun” It certainly can work, but more often than not it ends in disappointment and frustration. Look for upcoming workshops on Conscious Dating and Readiness workshops.

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