Couples, Individual, Partners of Sex Addicts & Families 

Ways to work with Laura …


My sessions for individuals (not couples) are 60 - 90 minutes in length.  Coaching is dynamic, bring your curious self and a mindset of what you would like the outcome of our session to be.  We'll get right to it.  

Prefer to move? Let's walk it out while we talk it out. 

Video coaching with Laura-

Do you prefer to be coached from the comfort of your own home?  Vsee, Zoom or Skype are ways to connect and allow greater flexibility beyond the restraints of our geographic locations.   I have coached couples as well as individuals via video spanning from Australia to the United Kingdom. Video coaching removes the issue of distance between where you live and who you want to be working with as a coach.  

Stages of Couples Work -

What can you expect in the stages of Couples work?  

Couples Intake and Assessment - 3 sessions 

  Understanding your story and relational dance. 


  Strategic plan for your relational recovery.   

Couples Stabilization - Weekly 2 hr session over 4 weeks

You will learn and implement what you can do (or not do) that will put your relationship in a more relaxed, respectful state.  

 Solve the mystery of what is at the base of your seemingly  incurable patterns of frustration, anger and disappointment.  

 In-between sessions reading and exercises can be expected  

The Couple does the heavier lifting  - 2 hr sessions 2x month

As you progress, our sessions will be less frequent. The REAL work is in-between sessions where you begin to successfully address the stressors that occur. You won't do it perfectly, however you will have a good awareness of where you went wrong. We will work on these things out and understand where you're stuck.   New concepts and relational work will be added to enhance the positive trajectory of your new, loving, respectful relationship. 

Couples Monthly - 60 - 90 minutes 

You are on a great path, things are looking and going GREAT! Just like a new commitment to be physically fit or a new diet, it takes a commitment to change.   This is no different. It is natural to take our foot off the "let's put out the fire" pedal when our stress levels settle. DO NOT take your foot off the gas pedal. It takes time to build new relational muscle. Your progress will most likely experience relational atrophy if you stop here. Keep the monthly sessions going until absolutely feel you can't imagine that you existed they way you were living before. 

Couples Occasional tune-ups

Let's check in - Sessions two or three times a year can keep you more accountable and on the right path.  


Healing our Core Issues will deepen your individual work. This program is based on ground breaking work on family dysfunction and the 5 areas of developmental need for children in the family system.  Self-esteem, Boundaries, Reality, Interdependence & Moderation.  As kids, we learned to adapt in an unhealthy family system. Unfortunately, these adaptations don't go away when we arrive on the adulthood scene.  In this workshop, we'll put the pieces together to understand what it was like to be you, growing up. What you might have created as a way to foster, thrive and grow and how these same strategies are operating today. Through a compassionate understanding of the little 'you', we then learn how to give ourselves what we didn't get as kids. It's a tall order... but trust me when I say it's life changing.  

The group process is a springboard for growth by way of learning through others process. Workshops are 3 days in length, typically Friday through Sunday.


Sessions may be purchased with cash, check or credit card or Venmo. Please allow a 24 hr notice for cancellations so that I may give someone who is on the waiting list the opportunity. Late cancellations will be charged for missed sessions.  Workshops require a 50% deposit with full payment due 2 weeks prior. For those who would like  to work with me and are stretched financially a sliding scale is considered.  

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