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You are here, in this place today and on my website in search of something or someone that can help guide and partner with you toward significant changes in your life. Perhaps it's raising your level of happiness or perhaps it's ridding yourself of the continuous cycle of unwanted drama. It may be rediscovering yourself or finding yourself for the very first time.  

You are so very important, to include your overall happiness, sense of self worth and value. Coaching offers a multi dimensional approach in working with a myriad of areas of improvement. Expand, stretch and grow your existing gifts that you bring to this world. Together we'll identify the joy mongers that keep you from experiencing the happiness and success you desire and deserve.  That's right.. you deserve happiness. 

I love these two questions: 

What is one regret you don't want to have in this life time?   

What are actions are you willing to take to ensure you will not have this regret?  

A potential regret can live in any aspect of our lives. Do we wish to have a closer relationship with our children? Parent? Spouse?  Do we wish we took the leap of faith and went for a job or career that was intimidating? Do we wish we traveled more? Do we wish we were more spiritual? Do we wish we took better care of our own health, financing etc? What is your one regret that you don't wish to have?  

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Office Hours


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